"This thoughtful bio-doc rescues Gould from the cliches and re-establishes him as a musician."
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
"A persuasive case for Gould's phenomenal cultural significance."
The Times
"A documentary packed with fact, verified folklore and faces of former friends and family."
The Financial Times

Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould

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An enigmatic musical poet, Glenn Gould continues to captivate audiences more than thirty years after his early death; his inimitable music and writings reveal an insightful worldview that we are still trying to unravel. Though there have been many documentaries about Gould, most are distracted by his eccentricities, focusing on the pills, gloves, and scarves while missing the man and message behind the music.

Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould pierces through the myths, revealing the man beneath the icon and reconstructs his thoughts on music, art, society, love and life. Weaving together an unprecedented array of very rare archive footage with interviews of Gould’s closest friends, some of whom have never spoken about him before, plus never-before-heard home recordings and excerpts from his private diaries, Michèle Hozer and Peter Raymont’s accomplished docu-portrait is a fitting tribute to man behind the myth and his indeliable musical legacy.


Glenn Gould, Cornelia Foss





Running Time

109 minutes



Directed by

Michèle Hozer and Peter Raymont

Written by

Michèle Hozer and Peter Raymont

Produced by

Michèle Hozer and Peter Raymont


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