At Verve Pictures, we specialise in the release of independent film in cinemas and on DVD, offering audiences the chance to enjoy original and thought-provoking cinema from the UK and around the world.

We are passionate about film and discovering new talent, and are committed to releasing films that have become increasingly lost in today’s multiplex culture.

Since the company was founded in 2003, we have released award-winning films such as My Brother The Devil, Kelly+Victor, Red Road, The Arbor, Bullet Boy, Dogtooth and Shell, helping bring important filmmakers such as Kieran Evans, Andrea Arnold, Dominic Savage, Amma Asante, Saul Dibb, Clio Barnard, Scott Graham, and Sally El Hosaini to wider public attention.

Award-winning Films

We have a proven track record of working with first time filmmakers who have previously excelled in other visual fields - Over 75% of our releases are from first time feature directors.

Our titles have won the BAFTA Outstanding Debut Award (Kieran Evans, Kelly+Victor in 2014), the Sutherland Award at the London Film Festival (Las Acacias in 2011 and The Arbor in 2010), Best British Newcomer at the London Film Festival (Sally El Hosaini, My Brother The Devil in 2012), the BAFTA Carl Foreman Award (Andrea Arnold, Red Road in 2007 and Amma Asante, A Way of Life in 2004), the BIFA Douglas Hickox Award (Clio Barnard, The Arbor in 2010), BIFA Best Newcomer (Chloe Pirrie, Shell in 2013, James Floyd, My Brother The Devil in 2012 and Ashley Walters, Bullet Boy in 2004), and Most Promising Newcomer at Evening Standard Film Awards (Sally El Hosaini, My Brother The Devil in 2013).

Verve Pictures, Cinema Outside The Box.

Verve Pictures supports...
Play the short film based on The Forgiveness Project's work:

The Forgiveness Project collects and shares stories from individuals and communities who have rebuilt their lives following hurt and trauma.

The Forgiveness Project is a UK based charity that uses storytelling to explore how ideas around forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict resolution can be used to impact positively on people’s lives, through the personal testimonies of both victims and perpetrators of crime and violence.

Their aim is to provide tools that facilitate conflict resolution and promote behavioural change. Central to the work is our commitment to work with ex-offenders and victims of crime as a way of modelling a restorative process.

The Forgiveness Project has no religious or political affiliations.

For more information please visit www.theforgivenessproject.com

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An authentic and touching love story from a place where second chances are hard to come by, this impressive debut feature marks actor turned writer-director Aki Omoshaybi as a talent to watch.


Steeped in the mythos of Bruce Springsteen songs about growing up in small towns, racing cars and falling into the trap of repeating your parents’ mistakes, Scott Graham’s third feature is a stripped-down character study of father-son dynamics and how teenage dreams are hard to leave behind when you missed your chance to hit the road and run.

The Street

As the glinting steel and mirror-glass skyscrapers of London’s financial hub edge ever closer, the area surrounding Hoxton Street has been transformed by ‘luxury’ redevelopments and sky-high property prices. This traditional East London street, less than a mile from the City of London, has become the last bastion of the areas disadvantaged – a concentration of the aged, poor and dispossessed.